Three Simple Steps

  • 1. Assess Your Skills

    We start with having a conversation about your objectives, strengths, weaknesses and continue with a personality type questionnaire designed specifically for technical candidates. We will then provide you with a Behavior Scorecard that highlights our findings and our recommendations in areas most relevant to the hiring managers.

  • 2. Develop Your Personal Brand

    We often interview candidates that are unable to summarize their story effectively. The story is what draws the interviewer to engage. We will assist you to craft your unique story and present it in your Resume, LinkedIn Profile and Work Portfolio. Your story will convince the hiring manager that you are innovative and hard-working, and why he or she should hire you.

  • 3. Practice Your Presentations

    In today’s competitive market, you need more than the traditional methods to communicate your worth. We will assist you to present your unique story in less than 60 seconds. Your 60 seconds commercial is your message, delivered in person or sent digitally. We will work with you to perfect your presentation until you feel completely comfortable.

Diverse Engineer Offers


The most important tool you have on your resume is the language. Your resume is about your past accomplishments. Any contradictions, in your resume, is the first stepping stones of mistrust.

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile, while conveying your prior professional history and accomplishments, is ultimately about the present and future. It shows your energy and your hunger to learn and lead.

Behavior Scorecard

Employers are using personality tests to vet candidates in the hiring process, it is important that you stay ahead of their curve and understand yourself better.

Interview skills

Convey your passion and link your strengths to measureable results. Employers and interviewers love concrete data.


A 60-second commercial is your opportunity to craft an original, captivating message that gets you invited to follow up interviews.

Work Portfolio

In today’s competitive job market, effectively showcasing your knowledge and skills to an employer is critical in seeking and sustaining employment.

Diverse Engineer Clients

  • Engineers

    New graduating engineers looking to find their first opportunity

    Mid-level engineers looking to move past their first jobs

    Senior engineers looking to advance their career or move to management level

  • Recruiters

    Agencies with talented engineers that need coaching on presentation skills

    Agencies with talented engineers that are ready to move into management positions

    Agencies involved with employment assistance assignments

  • Corporations

    Corporations with talented engineers that need coaching on presentation and project management skills

    Corporations going through restructuring and willing to provide employment assistance to their engineers

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About us

We are a group of engineering, IT and human resource executives with many years of experience in hiring and mentoring women and multi-cultural engineers.

We have interviewed hundreds of engineers, from recent graduates to executive level, and have acquired a solid understanding of what the employers are looking for and what the candidates need in order to get the employer’s attention.

Our clients have been very successful in getting their dream jobs. Whether you are a new graduate or a senior engineer in a leadership position, we have coaches that specialize in your area.


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    Contact us for a free 15 minutes conversation to learn more about each other

  • $400

    Professional Package


    Three Hours of

    Highlights are:

    Review your resume and LinkedIn Profile

    Conduct Personality Type Assessment

    Develop Interview preparation strategy

    One on one coaching and interviewing sessions

    Develop and review Scorecard and feedback report

  • $650

    Leadership Package


    Three Hours of Advanced

    Highlights are:

    Develop your 60-seconds Commercial

    Develop your Work Portfolio

    Develop advanced Interview strategy for leadership positions

    One on one coaching and interviewing sessions
    for more demanding interviews


  • Custom

    Enterprise Package

    Contact us for a customized package to include transition and networking services based on group rates.