60-Second Commercial

A 60-second commercial, also known as an “elevator speech,” is your opportunity to tell your story in a most concise and effective manner. Take your time and harness your creativity to craft an original, captivating message that gets you invited to follow up interviews.

Your coach will assist you in producing this commercial, reviewing it with you for content and delivery, and assisting you with resources to possibly use it alongside with your resume and LinkedIn profile.


The video job interviews are becoming more and more popular as the world is getting smaller and faster. You can reach out to others around the world through social networking without leaving your office, hence broadening your search area.

This is a professional presentation and you may not be the most objective person to judge whether anyone will watch it beyond 60 seconds. We will provide you feedback on how to prepare this video and comment on the content. You can also use this video to get comments from your friends and family.

The goal of your 60-second commercial is to get your listener to say, “Tell me more”. This is a sign that you’ve made a connection and caught your listener’s interest. The elevator pitch is more about engaging your listener than about cornering him or her and trying to sell something. The best elevator pitch must be authentic and compelling, and should convey what you want, what you can deliver, and what you want your listener to do when you’re done talking.

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