Diversity Makes Recruitment Easier

Many companies have a sincere goal to increase their overall diversity. Some offer corporate diversity programs and affinity groups which are intended to attract a wide variety of minority candidates and promote cultural diversity.

Research indicates that diversity can help recruit top talent. In a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, two-thirds of the people polled said that diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job offers.

The globalization of business has created a sophisticated, complex, and competitive environment. In order to be successful, companies need to continually create new products and services. And the best way to ensure the development of new ideas is through a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Today, companies no longer view diversity and inclusion efforts as separate from their other business practices, and recognize that a diverse workforce can differentiate them from their competitors by attracting top talent and capturing new clients. And while diversity and inclusion efforts at companies are a given, organizations still face external and internal challenges in implementing these policies and procedures.

Internally, companies are still struggling with negative attitudes about diversity among their rank-and-file, while externally, a rocky economic recovery has impeded many companies’ hiring efforts. Looking forward, companies must also grapple with an aging workforce, a declining pipeline of qualified talent, and the challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce.

But as long as organizations can keep their “eye on the prize,” that is, to keep diversity and inclusion efforts at the top of their priority list, it will position them to tap into a larger pool of engineering candidates and come out ahead of the competition.

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