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We will review your LinkedIn profile to make sure they tell the same story. While your resume is about the past, your LinkedIn profile is ultimately about the present and future. We will make sure that if there are additional information not offered in your resume they can obtain from your profile.


Here are the seven most important areas of your LinkedIn profileto focus on:

1. Skills/Endorsements. Turns out that the endorsements from your network connections speak highly of you as a professional.

2. Level of Professionalism. What you say and how you say it gives employers insight into what kind of person you are. Make sure you are using the right tone for LinkedIn.

3. Recommendations. You can’t exactly control this section (or the skills and endorsements, for that matter) but you can ask for recommendations. Ask your closest connections and colleagues to offer recommendations, and be sure to offer them in return.

4. Portfolio/Publications. Be sure to include links to your portfolio/blog/website/etc. if you feel it will help employers see the quality of your work or knowledge.

5. Profile Photo. Keep it professional. The profile photo is small, so make sure you are providing a head shot not a full-body image from 10 feet away.

6. Shared Network. Do they know someone who knows you? If so, they might reach out to share connections to learn more about you.

7. Size of Your Network. A small network on LinkedIn won’t ruin your chances of landing a job. However, a robust network may show your influence within your industry or circles.

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